Here’s a quick update on my studying. I’m still pretty depressed about the whole mess but am feeling somewhat more confident when it comes to the multi-state multiple choice subjects (torts, property, evidence, crim law & procedure, con law, contracts). I feel pretty incompetent though on the essay topics (all of the rest of the law — everything family law, to admin law, to commercial paper, you name it). I have been focusing pretty hardcore on the multi-state subjects since they are by themselves 50% of the potential points (plus the potential to be tested on essay questions, which in practical terms means that probably 60% or so of the points are on those subjects), but will be switching gears as of tomorrow to focus more on the essay subjects.

On a sidenote, the one thing I’ve been doing which I think has been pretty helpful is making flashcards. I’ll have around 300-400 flashcards by the end for my multi-state subjects as it looks right now. I’m not sure if I’ll do flashcards for the essay topics or not, but I’m leaning in that direction for those subjects too.

If I can stay focused I think I’ll do fine, but the staying focused part is the hard part. Half of the time I feel overwhelmed by it all and by just the depression of life. I’m hoping maybe as it gets closer to the end that my focus will come together better (it is not that I want to dodge the emotional anxieties and deep questions of life, but I do need to put them on hold for the next few days). The world sucks pretty consistently (just look at the last few of my stupid blog posts for proof of that) but it will suck whether I’m depressed or not, so maybe I should just not be depressed. But of course that is easier said than done.