(Warning: Horrific images of war crimes and the inhumane abuse of prisoners is depicted in the links below)

Special Broadcasting Service (Australia): New Abu Gharib photos released (this link isn’t working right now, presumably from the massive net traffic — a direct link to the pictures can be found here)

Al Jazeera: New photos show Iraq jail abuse

CNN: More images of abuse at Abu Ghraib — Australian TV airs new photos, videos from 2003 scandal

MSNBC: New Abu Ghraib pictures spark fear, outrage — Concerns arise over impact of latest images on heels of cartoon scandal

NY Times: New Images of Abu Ghraib Abuse Are Broadcast in Australia

Words fail me at times like this, except to say that justice is still be denied. Those responsible should be brought before an international tribunal. I am convinced that future generations will wonder why Rumsfeld wasn’t tried for his role in this and why Bush wasn’t impeached.