Well the bar exam studying is flying now and while I still feel woefully unprepared, I’m beginning to also think it might be possible for me to pull this off. For the multi-state/multi-choice subjects, I think I’m in ok shape (I have those six subjects condensed down to around 350-400 flashcards). I still plan to do more practice questions but my percentage right on the practices Q’s is much better than it was a few weeks ago.

However for the essay subjects, I’m not in good shape at all. I am pretty good at B.S.’ing so I’m hoping that this skill will serve me well, but all the same I’m nervous. Starting tomorrow though I will be moving my studying focus to those subjects (besides the multi-state subjects that could potentially be essay topics as well, my essay subjects I’ll be working on are biz associations, trusts and wills, civ pro, family law, professional responsibility, conflicts of law, admin law, secured trans and bankruptcy… of those I’m in good shape on admin law, secured trans and bankruptcy but the others I’m not in good shape for yet). Also potentially we may have a few other subjects on the exam (commercial paper, damages, creditor’s rights, and consumer law), but they are tested infrequently if at all so I’m pretty much blowing those subjects off and hoping for the best (well, I’ll do a quick skim-through of the material but that’s all).

Well as far as all of the other craziness of my life, I’m still alive and I’m still sane (at least in theory) which is a plus. Beyond that, I’ll just have to take it one day at a time for the next few days.