OKHouse.gov: Speaker Hiett and Bipartisan REDI Task Force Announce Legislative Agenda (thanks to Okiefunk.com for this link)

Due to the business of things in my life I haven’t had time to talk about this but the more I think about this REDI crap business the more angry I get. The last thing rural Oklahoma needs is a bunch of yuppies driving up land values and making things cost too much, and we certainly don’t need more pork for corporate interests. And why in the world would Oklahoma want to give income tax exemptions to out-of-state folks! Folks who’ve stayed here and stayed put deserve it more than outsiders. In fact as far as I’m concerned, outsiders should stay the heck out of Oklahoma unless they are willing to actually be a part of the community instead of seeking to dominate it.

I’m going to ask the Oklahoma Green Party and others to start agitating against this (a good friend and I are going to be brainstorming some ideas about how to do this), but in the meantime let’s starting hammering House Speaker Todd Hiett’s office with opposition to this so that he’ll understand that if pushed forward, REDI will be the end of his political career. (click here for a link to his contact info)

Also if anyone out there knows more about this goofy REDI task force, please post it as a comment. We need to know which of our state legislators are working against rural Oklahoma values.