I’ll say more about it later (it was one weird experience) but I took the Oklahoma Bar exam on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It went better than I expected, but my expectations were extremely low so that isn’t saying much. My guess is that I’ll be right on the line of passing or failing — which it will be is anyone’s guess?

Now the fun part starts. The results come in I think on April 7th, and then the swearing-in ceremony is on April 21st (in my case, I guess it is the affirming in ceremony because I’m not going to swear the oath for religious/ethical reasons).

Mostly though I’m glad it’s done and I’m so grateful to my family and friends who did so much of these last few weeks to help keep me sane. I owe them so much.

From here, I’m not 100% sure what my plan is going to be. Probably I’m going to take a week or so off to get myself organized and to catch up a lot of things I left undone over the last month or so. After that, I’ll probably work some for my Dad’s law office, and I hope somewhere a long the way take an extended camping trip by bicycle in March.