I won’t be blogging much for the time being as I have a lot of things to sort and work through in my personal life. So very much is changing, some for the good, some for the bad, but the rapidity of it all is too much to fathom. Before this I had a certain degree of base-line depression (for lack of a better word) but the number of changes hitting all at once I have just been too much)

I am though (Lord willing) hitting the road very soon for a few days of spiritual/personal discovery and soul searching. I think I’m going to drive down to my family’s land (my mom inherited her parent’s old farm in Western Oklahoma) and then take off by bicycle from there southward to the Wichita Mountains and camp there the first night. After that I’m not sure. I’ll either just be in the mountains for a few days, or might ride west to Great Plains State Park and then Quartz Mountain State Park, before heading back east (maybe passing near Rainy Mountain, a sacred place for the Kiowas). If all goes well, I’ll be back home on Saturday night (we have a church meeting on Sunday that I do not want to miss).

As far as the bicycling end of it goes, I’m undecided whether I will just pack really light (I can fit my sleeping bag and tent in my milk crate that is attached to the back of my bike but much else, unless I just bungee cord things on), or if I will buy a bicycle trailer for the trip. I hate to spend the money but it might be a more comfortable trip that way.