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On Thursday morning I woke up on the shores of Lake Thunderbird. The campground was pretty much deserted all morning. I mostly just hung out there, ate some breakfast, and walked around some. Mostly though I just chilled out which was nice.

I heard on that bad weather was coming that night (which turned out to not be true) so I decided to go ahead and head on back home that afternoon (and yeah I did have to stop back at Texadelphia in Norman for some more chips and queso and for a couple of Boulevard Wheats which I was lucky to catch on Happy Hour.) I kinda wish I stayed out there another day but I wasn’t keen on being caught out in bad weather without any real protection (no car, and even the bathrooms at the campsite were locked up for the winter). Oh well, I’ll just have to make another bike camping trip later this month.

As far as my hopes for the trip (to regain some sense of direction and peace in my crazy life), I did return feeling more rested but otherwise feeling just as unsettled as before. Life truly seems like a crazy rollercoaster right now and I still feel pretty nervous and out-of-sorts by it all.

Here’s some pictures I took…

I forgot to mention that when I first set up this tent the night before, I noticed the stickers on the tent which was funny because I didn’t remember putting any stickers on my tent… then I remembered that I had loaned the tent to my friend Rena (author of RE Collection) when she went to Crawford, who then loaned to one of the other folks at the Camp Crawford. So anyway my little tent was a minor part of history which was pretty cool.

(but I did take the stickers off. Camping is one of my few non-political activities, so I should probably keep it that way 😉

Here’s a really goofy self-portrait of myself…

Here’s my bike fully loaded up before I hit the road back home

These next 2 shots show how low Lake Thunderbird is (that giant section of red dirt in the background of these shots is the dry lakebed!)

This last shot is of a couple of horses who came right up to the fence when I was riding home.