NewsOK: Tattoo artists needle state

NewsOK: Gallery of tattooing being done in Oklahoma

AdaEveningNews: Dallas tattoo artist brings business to Ada (thanks to Okiedoke for this link)

After hearing the news of all of the Oklahoma tattoo shops coming out of the closet (tattooing is not new to Oklahoma though, 2 of my 3 tats were done right here in the Sooner State) and defying an arguably now un-enforcable law, I think I may have to get another one. I’m thinking about maybe getting the original state flag of the Oklahoma, the infamous and illegal “red flag” (read more about it at If I hurry, my tattoo will be doubly illegal, both for being a tattoo but also for displaying a “red flag” in the state of Oklahoma, which is still a felony.

Mostly though I would like to get the tattoo to honor the heroes of Agrarian-Socialism here in Oklahoma who fought so hard to make this state a place in which no class or race was oppressed.

(I have to admit though that this isn’t an original idea. I actually met someone a week ago who has a red flag tattoo, but his design is a bit different than what I want… I want mine too look like a flag)

Here’s this guy’s tattoo…

Red Flag Tattoo