(Shameless advertizing ahead — but it is for a good cause!)


Just wanted to let y’all know that Red Flag Press has ordered another print run of our infamously illegal Red Flag Shirts that will be available for sale on March 25th.

Also though if you’re thinking about getting a shirt, we are going to be taking pre-orders for the shirts at our current price of $14/shirt between now and March 25th, but after that the price will go up to $16/shirt. (the price increase is because the shirts cost us more to have printed, as we’ve decided to sell only American-made shirts from now on)

Also we now have stickers for sale, including our “Boycott the Lottery” sticker, our “Okies Don’t quit” sticker, our “Good ol’ boy values aren’t okie values” sticker, and two-versions of the Red Flag on a sticker.