I thought I would give a quick update on my personal life of late.

Blogging has taken a backseat in my life lately for a variety of reasons, but so have many of the other areas of activism work that I’ve been involved in. It is not that those areas of engagement are not interesting and worthwhile but rather just that I’ve been too busy and too preoccupied lately in other areas of my life.

Workwise, as of last week I’ve been working 4 days a week at my dad’s law office as a paralegal (legal worker) in the bankruptcy field. The work has its high points and low points, but mostly I’ve been frustrated with how much I have to learn about the new Bankruptcy “Reform” law (BAPCPA).

Beyond that, I am working quite a bit as a military counselor (helping servicemembers with civil rights and discharge issues). We still aren’t officially open as a hotline at OCCO, but I’m still getting lots and lots of calls from servicemembers both in Oklahoma and in other places. This work is very meaningful to me, but also very stressful and anger-inducing (I still can’t believe how little the US military cares about the well-being of those who serve. It is outrageous and shameful IMHO.)

As far as the other areas of my life, most of it I don’t feel like talking about right now. I’ve been pretty depressed off and on for the last few months and that certainly has continued since the bar exam time has passed. I do feel a deeper urge to be closer to God than I have in the recent past, but at the same time have been frustated with my own discipline in building that relationship. I think part of my frustration is that my church, as much as I love it and feel connected to it and its work, has almost no other people in my age range. I know that this might seem silly, but I do miss having peers in my spiritual community and often feel that there are few people who really understand what is to like to be where I am at.

Lastly, as far as fun stuff goes I have been thinking a little about my spring garden. I think it will be smaller than what I did last year, with more emphasis on herbs and perennial/native flowers than I had in the past. I also of course do want to grow lots of my old favorites – heirloom tomatoes and peppers though. I also do hope to get back into doing some art on a more regular basis soon. I definitely feel that is one area of my life that is lacking.

Oh and one more last thing — as far as bicycling goes, I miss not being able to do it for all of my daily transportation needs. Unfortunately my dad’s law office is in Newcastle and right now I don’t really feel up to riding 22 miles each way (I could do it, but as out of shape as I am and slow as I ride, it would be 2 hours each way for my commuting time). However, I am riding on Wednesday quite a bit (ussually up to The Village to visit a friend’s church for Wed. night stuff— they are having a really neat study of different faiths right now from an interfaith perspective), but the rest of the week not so much. I am thinking though that starting soon I may go ahead and try a mixed form of commuting, driving about half-way to work (parking at OKC Community College on the southside) and then biking in the rest of the way, at least until I get better in shape and can make the commute faster. I might also save up for a faster road bike as a means to improve my commuting time.

As far as my future plans, I really have no idea what happens next. Due to a missed deadline (the stupid MPRE), it looks like that whether I pass the bar or not (I get the results in April) I won’t get my bar license until this fall which really stinks. However, I guess the positive about it is that I will have more time to figure out what I will be doing career-wise and a bit more time to sort out how exactly I can live a happy and fulfilling life.