OKIMC.org: Rally at the State Capitol on Saturday — Day of Unity for Compassionate and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The League of United Latin American Citizens of Oklahoma are sponsoring a Rally on Saturday, April 1, 2006 at 12:00 noon, at the State Capitol (South Steps) 2300 N. Lincoln
Blvd., to listen to our state’s ethnic and diverse cultural leaders and representatives speak on finding better solutions for immigration related issues facing Oklahoma.

The day of unity is for collective prayer, understanding, compassion and moral strength to help us elevate the immigration debate from bashing immigrants to preserving American ideals and promoting our national interests.

Proposed legislation is fraught with potential civil and human rights violations, it jeopardizes our economic future, criminalizes “good Samaritans”; its inherent racial profiling language marginalizes legal residents and citizens of color; it denies voters access. Without verifiable facts that immigrants are responsible for all our societal ills, this harsh legislation gambles our communities’ health and safety on myths and fear tactics. . .

I hope to see y’all there.

And if enacted by those who claim to represent us, I also hope to see many willing to defy both this law and the innane racist federal law that is also under consideration (one that would make it a crime to help undocumented aliens in any way). These laws are immoral and if enacted should be defied. The law of conscience is more important than the law of man.