Today was a tremendous day as there was a massive rally at the state capitol in opposition to the racist anti-immigrant laws that are being considered by the state legislature, and here’s the amazing part — according to, the police have estimated the crowd size at TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE!

I cannot begin to express how much joy I felt at being part of this group. It was truly a “momento historico” as one of the speakers said.

I’m going to post more later (I took way too many pictures — 140 of them that I need to weed through and post), but for now now I just wanted to express my joy at seeing We the People rise up like this. (I was proud to be wearing my Red Flag shirt today, it certainly seemed appropriate given the anti-racist activism of our socialist Oklahoma forefathers)

Here’s some press coverage of this. What blows me away is that right now this is the lead story only on and and not on the,, or Thousands rally against proposed immigration laws

Thousands of Hispanics, many waving flags and signs, overflowed the south plaza of the state Capitol today at a rally to demand justice and dignity for all.

Police estimated the crowd at about 10,000.

“This is wonderful but it’s just a drop in the bucket of what is here,” said Bernadette Martinez, who had worked her way up the Capitol’s south steps to photograph the crowd. A giant flag of the United States, which someone had attached to an oil derrick, served as her backdrop.

Chants of “Si, se peude!” alternating with the English version — “Yes, we can!” — punctuated the remarks of Hispanic leaders, clerics and state representatives who called for immigration reform that does not criminalize hard-working people who came here for jobs and to improve the lives of their families. Photos from the rally

AP/ Latinos rally against harsh immigration laws

More than 5-thousand people — mostly Latino — are at the state Capitol today to protest proposed immigration laws that they say are too harsh.

( (Fox 25) ran the same AP newswire story but at least they have it as the lead story right now) Latinos Rally Capitol Against Immigration Laws — Tighter Laws Would Stop Illegal Aliens From Receiving Services

Hundreds of Latinos planned to gather at the state Capitol on Saturday to rally against harsh immigration laws.