I got this news from Ron Black (the former WKY talk radio host) by email today. If I get away from church stuff in time, I might have to show up and do a little counter-protest of their racist protest.

I’m also glad to see Ron Black tell the world that Denise Bode is a racist, because if she supports this crap she is a racist.

Now I know y’all might say I’m being too hard on these folks and shouldn’t call them racists, but I think they are, because they continue to refer to undocumented aliens as “illegals,” which is just one more step in the dehumanization process in which the populace is encouraged to see brown skinned people as less than human, and in the end worthy of persecution. (I don’t mean to be overly dramatic but it is the same thing Hitler did.)

I’m sorry but the law is jacked up and is a joke. Since the southwestern United States was stolen from Mexico to begin with, I have no respect for a law that says that Latinos have no right to live here unless they jump through all kinds of ridiculous hoops that keeps families seperated. It simply makes no sense and it is simply unchristian to break up families. (and worse yet, under the new federal legislation, to make it a crime to simply give folks water when they are thirsty — on a sidenote, if passed I think followers of Christ have a moral imperative to disobey this wicked law).

Anyway here’s the announcement of Sunday’s racist protest…

Greetings my friends on this April 1st.

I read the Newsok.com account of the pro-illegal immigration rally today at the methane gas filled dome and I remembered that it is April Fools Day – surely there weren’t REALLY 10,000 people at the rally! I scanned the article recounting the soft-on-crime rally and to my amazement, there was no April Fools Day mea culpa – it was all true. One of the quotes from the Newsok.com story read, “LULAC sponsored the rally to protest proposed federal and state immigration laws that it feels are unfair to illegal aliens.”

Think about that for a moment…”unfair to illegal aliens.”
Think about that statement in the proper context and it could just as easily have read, “unfair to car thieves.” Or “unfair to those guilty of breaking and entering.”

Well, there is a pro-justice rally tomorrow at the south side of the State Capitol beginning at 3:00pm. Tom Roach is heading up the rally and it is brought about by a new organization called, the Coalition to End Taxpayer Subsidies for Illegal Aliens (CETSIA). Tom is an eloquent speaker and has some very startling facts for you to hear.

I’ll be speaking as well – not only on my own behalf, sharing some of my experiences – but on behalf of Corporation Commissioner Denise Bode who is running for the 5th Congressional District seat being vacated by Congressman Ernest Istook. Denise wanted to be there, but the late notification of the event her schedule was already packed. On the other hand, I happen to have a little more time on my hands.

You are not only invited to attend tomorrow at 3:00 at the State Capitol, but I would encourage you to bring a friend, tell your family about it and take some of your valuable time to be there. I know that on short notice it will be difficult because unlike the pro-illegal movement who has been working on this rally today for months (and has had massive Hispanic radio, television, and print coverage), CETSIA doesn’t have the ability to promote their event because much of the media is afraid to cover pro-American, pro-justice, pro-common sense ideologies such as SECURING OUR BORDERS!

Again, I encourage you to attend this bi-partisan effort to show the pro-criminal element in our community that we welcome legal immigration, but the time has come for you and I to stop footing the bill for illegals.

Please, stop by the State Capitol if you can at 3:00.