Conservative coalition demands tougher immigration laws

“This is still our country. This is still our state,” Sen. Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, said as supporters applauded and waved American flags. “They’re entering this country at an uninvited and alarming rate. And we must stop that.”

Charlie Meadows of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee said Saturday’s Latino rally was “a subtle shot across the bow” by illegal immigrants who do not want to comply with U.S. immigration policies.

“If you shake your fist at the rule of law, then you have a breakdown in your society,” Meadows said.

“It is our culture that is at risk,” he said. “This is a serious problem, and Washington and our president need to address it.”

Those protesting on Saturday in favor of immigrant rights were not subtle, but rather would a proud demonstration of community solidarity in opposition to racist policies.

I also disagree about the part about shaking your fist at the rule of law. Our founding fathers also shook their fists at the rule of the English Crown when King George was a tyrant, and I think conscientious Americans who refuse to obey laws that criminalize charity are following in that same tradition. Certainly “the rule of law” is important, but one must remember what law is supreme. Even law enacted by the legislative process must bow before the law of conscience and of God. Majority rule is not a proper barameter of morality.

The bill’s author, Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, blamed misinformation about the bill for the huge turnout at the Latino rally. Terrill said opponents have created fear and confusion among the more than 100,000 undocumented residents estimated to live in Oklahoma.

“Mob rule does not prevail here,” Terrill said. “We have an interest in protecting our own taxpayers against waste, fraud and abuse.”

“I’m sick of it,” an unidentified man shouted from the crowd.

Hmmm… Rep. Randy Terrill (who is a racist) is right about one thing. Mob rule does not prevail here, which is why racist policies, even if enacted by a supposedly democratic process, should be defied.

Nearby, a woman held a sign that read: “Is this Oklahoma or Mexico?”

Sandy Bitner and Glenna Thomas, teachers at Oklahoma City’s Capitol Hill High School, said they oppose the immigration bill and came to the rally to learn the motives of its supporters.

“I’m shocked and appalled at this demonstration of racism,” Bitner said. She said about 70 percent of the students at her south Oklahoma City school are Hispanic.

“They don’t realize the impact that the Latino community has,” Thomas said. “If we lost our Latino students, we’d lose some of the best students we have.”

So, so true. And isn’t it stunning the fear that the racists have towards those who are only trying to better themselves and contribute to the community?