Washing Post/MSNBC: A Cardinal’s Campaign — Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles is speaking out against crackdowns on illegals. How far will his voice carry?

. . . He particularly objected to a provision that would make it a crime to help or hide illegals. In December, he wrote to President George W. Bush, urging him to reject the legislation. Then, on March 1—Ash Wednesday—Mahony went a step further. He told his priests and parishioners that if the law passed, they should ignore it and help immigrants anyway. For an institution that regards obedience as a virtue, it was a radical call to action.

Praise God that Cardinal Mahony is calling the Catholic Church in his area to take this stand. I hope that many more church leaders will take similiar stands. It is time to make it clear that our loyalty as followers of Christ is to the values and teachings of Jesus, and not to any immoral and racist laws that criminalize caring for fellow children of God.