Okiedoke.com: Cannibalizing bloggers

NewsOK.com: Suspect in girl’s death profiles his life on Web

At work this morning I stumbled across Okiedoke’s links to some of the press coverage about Kevin Ray Underwood’s (the alleged killer of 10-year old Jamie Rose Bolin of Purcell… I’m not going to repeat the facts of her killing here, but it is incredibly horrible and sad beyond belief). Since then I’ve read part of Kevin’s blog ( Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K) as well as his myspace page (which has been yanked by Myspace but can be found by way of Google cache for the time being.

Reading Kevin’s writings, I am struck by three things. . .

1. This guy is not altogether there and has been for a long time. I know folks have all kinds of problems, but it seems incredibly wrong that someone could be off, for this long, without having folks in his community get to know him and seek to get him some help.

2. While this guy’s writings are really sad and pathetic, truthfully lots of folks sound far more bleak than him and never commit an attrocious crime like he did. Why he did what he did is truly a mystery?

3. I understand folks are angry right now, but I still mourn the fact that so many of those who are leaving comments on his blog keep saying that he should “burn in hell, ” be raped in prison, get the electric chair, etc.

There is no doubt (assuming that what we have been told by the media is true) that this man did a horrible crime of almost unbelievable proportions, but what we do not know yet is whether he is criminally sane or not. I for one am not going to join the lynch mob. Folks need to understand that this is why we have a justice system is to make these judgment calls.

And hate, while a very normal human emotion I think, is still unchristian. Jesus calls us to transcend that and see a better way.

4. All of the theology aside, I am incensed that God did not intervene. I cannot help but believe in God (in the sense of God being in our hearts and bringing about good in this world), but I’m finding it harder and harder to believe in the kind of God that is depicted in scripture who intervenes often in human affairs. Things like this are just too hard to fathom. Right now it’s hard for me to pray without cursing.