Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Drivers pay price for being in commuter corridor

The part I have in bold in this quote is pretty scary…

“Sun Belt or land-locked cities that developed largely during the suburban boom of the 1960s and 1970s, when car ownership and sprawl development patterns began to proliferate, are the American cities most vulnerable to an oil crisis,” the study notes. “Oklahoma City, where 85 percent of the population drives by themselves to work everyday, came out at 50th, making it the most likely to be adversely impacted by an oil crisis. Close behind were Louisville, Kentucky; Fort Worth, Texas; and Indianapolis, Indiana.”

One giant positive hopeful development though is that as of this week OKC’s buses are now equiped with BIKE RACKS! WOOHOO! (I may actually not have to drive to work now) Here’s the press release that tells about this… METRO Transit Installs Bike Racks on Entire Fleet Oklahoma City adds bicycle racks to buses