I just looked at NewsOK.com and saw a picture of who I thought was Huti Reynolds (a Green Party of Oklahoma member from Porum) right on the “front page” of the website, so I called him on his cell phone and found out that he and Joni LeViness (a GPOK member from Tulsa) were among the 16 who were arrested at the Halliburton protests in Duncan today.

Hopefully they will be willing to share more about the day when they get back in town (they all have been bonded out), but I wanted to go ahead and post this heads up.

Here’s the story from that tells of the arrrests:

NewsOK: 16 arrested in Halliburton protest

NewsOK: Video story about the arrests

I’m very proud to see such a large number of Greens participate in this protest. Such an encouraging thing.

Also the national and international press is starting to pick this story up as are 194 stories on this according to Google news

Also here’s some coverage from Indymedia and activist groups…

Houston IMC: Halliburton Shareholders Meeting in Duncan Greeted by Protestors — Breaking News from HIMC reporters in the field

Houston Global Awareness Collective: 16 Citizens Attempt Citizens’ Arrest of Halliburton CEO at the Shareholder’s Meeting