Added June 1, 2006: The campaign website can be found here.

A few of y’all know about this already, but unless someone knocks some sense into me between now and then I plan to file as a candidate for State Representative in District 99 (Opio Toure’s old district… he is term-limited out this year). I’ll be running on the Independent ticket but will be seeking the Green Party’s endorsement.

If any of y’all out there would like to chip in a few bucks towards my filing fee, here’s the info on how to do so…

If you would like to give towards this please send your donations to: J. M. Branum, 502 NE 16th, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. You can also contribute via (send donations to jmb (at) jmbzine (dot) com). To comply with state law if you are giving, please include a note with your donation (or shoot me an email) that tells me your name, address, occupation, employer, and the statement that “This contribution was freely and voluntarily given by me from my personal property. I have not, directly or indirectly, been compensated or reimbursed for this contribution.”

Also for the sake of full disclosure, I should also add that while the campaign is not legally required to disclose this information to the public (since at this point I intend to raise and spend less than $500 for the campaign), I will be posting this donor information on the campaign website once it is created.

As for my main campaign issues, they will be: (1) Ending the death penalty, (2) Fighting poverty, (3) Promoting Bicycling and Mass Transit, and (4) Ballot Access Reform.

I’ll be posting a lot more about this on June 5th (on a campaign website I hope to have done by then), so stay tuned.