Justpeace.org: Will your sins against the poor send you to HELL?

BobWaldrop.net: Discombobulating Republican Candidates for Congress

The Bible teaches clearly and without any ambiguity that the rich and powerful who oppress the poor are going to hell. The Bible says “Blessed are the poor” and it also says “Woe to the rich.” If people (such as the Republican party candidates for Contress) don’t like that message, they should take it up with God. I’m sure He will be impressed by their opposition.

One thing you can say about Bob is that he doesn’t mince words. I’m not sure I completely agree with his tactic (mostly because I’m not sure that I believe in hell… that’s another subject for a different blog post), but you gotta give him props for dishing out some serious biblical literalness to those who like to claim they take the Bible literally.