Yesterday was my 30th birthday, so I thought I would give a quick post telling about everything that went on.

In the late morning I met several of my Green Party friends (Huti and Jean from the Muskogee area… I still can’t believe they drove in from so far!, and Randy from OKC) at the Oklahoma state Capitol where I filed for state house, dis. #99.

The rest of the afternoon I spent mostly cooking (I smoked a brisket, some beef ribs, polish sausage and some potatoes) and getting ready for the party I had planned that night.

So about 6:30 p.m. folks started arriving, and then they kept coming and coming and coming! I had expected maybe 3-5 people besides family but as it turned out there were I think 30 folks there — including my parents, my brothers (and their spouses & kids), folks from church, folks from OCCO and the Green Party, friends from Catholic Peace Fellowship, and several dear, dear friends (and another dear friend who I knew was with me in spirit even if she couldn’t come).

We had so much fun at the party. Lots of eating and sitting and visiting outside and enjoying the beautiful evening (that had just turned cooler thanks to the breeze that came in after a super-hot day). The food was real good. My meats were decent (I should have done the brisket a little longer at a lower temp to be more tender, but still flavorful with the marinade and seasonings), but the highlight of the meal for me was Bob Waldrop’s homemade naan bread and my mom’s homemade rolls.

As far as presents go, the best thing folks gave me was coming to the party. But beyond that I got a Case pocket knife from my brother, a hamster ball for Ralph my gerbil (Ok, maybe that’s a gerbil ball… it’s a plastic ball that you put your gerbil in so he can run around explore your home) and a pair of slacks from another brother, some coffee and jam from Bob, a gift car from Full-circle bookstore from a Green party/critical mass friend, and some other stuff from a friend who is almost a sister to me, my parents and from the pastor and his wife at church.

So anyway it was a wonderful day. As for wisdom of turning 30, I don’t have any other than I’m glad to have so many good friends and I’m glad that I can still do fun and crazy things and don’t have to be a “responsible”adult yet.