Joshua Jantz campaign’s prayer guide (this is from Okiedoke’s Oklahoma Election Propaganda Collection 2006)

I have seen some pretty crazy things, but I think Joshua’s prayer guide takes the cake. I know Joshua is an evangelical and wants to get folks saved but somehow it just seems crass and disrespectful for him to ask supporters to pray “For the voters’ salvation.”

But oh it gets worse… a few lines later, Joshua goes on to ask that his supporters pray for “unrighteous candidates to lose interest.”

My first reaction is curse at such an incredibly hateful and disrespectful comment, but my next reaction is to ask Joshua which of the Senate District 46 candidates does he think are unrighteous?

How dare he he say something this stupid. I know two of the other candidates (Andrew Rice and Rhonda Rudd — Andrew had done great activist work & Rhonda is awesome and a friend from L-school who I admire a lot.) and they are good folks. So unless Josh knows something really bad about one of the other two candidates in this race (Drew Dugan & Winston Barton), Josh’s attitude is pretty ****y. And frankly it is cowardly. If he is going to trash talk unnamed candidates as being “unrighteous,” then he should at least say which of the candidates he thinks is unrighteous so those candidates can respond to his ignorance.

I know this is just a stupid piece of campaign literature that he probably wasn’t intending for public exposure, but I can’t help but be upset because I feel like this kind of rhetoric gives religion (and Christianity in particular) a bad name.

I’m going to be contacting Josh and will ask him to apologize for this statement. If you feel the same, please contact him at his website