These pictures were taken on my first day riding (Wednesday of last week)…

(That first picture can be my “before” picture, after I hopefully will lose lots of weight with this job 😉

Thus far pedi-cabbing has gone very well. My income has been quite a bit better than I did in Austin (so far my top night has been $134, and my low night was $56, but lately it seems like if I ride hard I’m averaging around $100), and the passengers are in many ways nicer.

I do want pretty badly to get my own pedicab. The company I rent from (Brickshaw Pedicabs are great folks, but it would be really nice to have my own cab (and to make higher profits through ad sales and whatnot). I’ve looked at several options, but thus far the good cabs cost $4,000+. I have seen some really cheap deals on Ebay, but most of those are one-speed unassembled pedicabs from overseas that I bet are super-heavy.

Another option is building my own pedicab, but that looks to be beyond my abilities right now (there are some good blueprints online at the’s website that are used for a program in India).

So I guess for now I’ll keep renting. I think thought that I will switch to a monthly lease (around $300 or so a month) in July though which at least will guarantee me a cab every night.

By the way, if you are in the OKC area and would be interested in being a pedicab driver, shoot me an email (jmb at jmbzine dot com) and I give you info on what you need to do. It is definitely a lot of fun and great way to make money in an environmentally-friendly way.