I got this by email today from the Raise Oklahoma campaign:

Thank you for all of your help!

We were one vote short….

on a procedural vote for minimum wage. We lost 46 to 45. Ten members were absent for the vote. The following members were against our cause: Adkins, Armes, Balkman, Banz, Benge, Billy, Bingman, Blackwell, Calvey, Cargill, Case, Coody, Cooksey, Cox, Dank, Denney, DePue, DeWitt, Duncan, Hickman, Ingmire, Jackson, Jett, Johnson, Jones, Liotta, Martin, Miller, K., Morgan F., Perry, Peters, Peterson, P., Peterson, R., Piatt, Richardson, Roggow, Smaligo, Steele, Sullivan, Thompson, Tibbs, Trebilcock, Winchester, Wright, Young and Mr. Speaker Hiett.

Thank you to each of your who worked so hard to make this happen. To our elected officials who voted in favor of raising the minimum wage we say “thank you for your courage and concern for working Oklahomans.”

We have come a long way in our fight for an increase in the minimum wage. One vote short is an amazing change. Three Republicans voted with us and that is thanks to your calls and emails. The tide can be changed if we keep up our efforts.

Together we WILL make a difference in Oklahoma. I hope that you will join with me in this effort. We get closer each day and we must not stop until we have achieved a victory for the working families who for too long have gone without a voice in the political process.