Well this week has been a strange week on the pedicab.

Mostly it has been really slow because of the heat (I can’t blame folks… it was 112 degrees F in the shade at my house on Thursday, and even at night it was in the 80’s), but I also got some insanely good tips along the way.

The biggie was a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR TIP (I promise I’m not lying) from two drunk guys who claimed they were a couple of “*#&$ pig farmers who had just completed a $7million dollar deal.” I ended up taking them from Half-time sports grill to the Biting Sow (a great little blues bar), and then I took them back to the Sheraton hotel where they were staying. They were by far the most obnoxious drunks I’ve ever hauled but heck for $100 I’ll put up with a lot.

The other thing I’ve noticed this week is that the OKC cops do seem to have an unspoken policy. Large groups of white people on the sidewalks outside of clubs who are hanging out are a-ok, but large groups of black people on the sidewalks outside of clubs is a problem, and the cops will order black folks to disperse and threaten arrest if they don’t.

I don’t know, maybe there’s something I’m missing, but it sure looks like racial profiling to me.

As far as the big clubs this week, it was really dead early in the week but later on Skyy Bar, Halo, and Citywalk were pretty packed. There was also a boxing match outside of the Biting Sow that drew a lot of folks.