I know I said I was going to refrain from political posting here, but oh well I gotta say something about this story.

CNN: Psychologists’ group under fire for interrogation policy — Aiding military called ‘incongruous’ with human rights concerns

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) — The American Psychological Association is under fire from some of its members and other professionals for declaring that it is permissible for psychologists to assist in military interrogations.

An online petition against the group’s policy has garnered more than 1,300 signatures from members and other psychologists. Protest forums are being planned for the APA’s convention next month in New Orleans, Louisiana. And some members have threatened to withhold dues or quit.

The unrest stems from an APA policy, issued last year, that says that while psychologists should not get involved in torture or other degrading treatment, it is ethical for them to act as consultants to interrogation and information-gathering for national security purposes. . .

What the *#$#! How in the world can it be ethical for a phychologist to be a consultant for “interrogation?” Let’s get real. The US military has used and continues to use torture on a regular basis (and trains other countries how to do at the WHISC/School of the Americas). For a psychologist or other medical professional to participate in this activity is a violation of the standard of professional conduct and if their rules say otherwise, then they need to change their rules.

I don’t know if pschology has a hypocratic oath, but surely a basic precept of the science and art of psychology would to be not to use their tremendous power for evil. Any pscyhologist who violates this rule should be kicked out of the profession.

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