NY Times: With Business Leading a Push, Liquor Comes to Dry Bible Belt

For a more visual picture of this story and where alcohol is regulated on a local scale, check out this map of wet, dry and mixed counties in Texas. It is interesting to me to see that most of the entirely wet counties are in South Texas, and the entirely dry counties are in pockets of rural East Texas and in parts of West Texas and the Panhandle.

Also though I would say that Oklahoma is really different. You can buy 3.2 beer statewide (unlike Texas) and stronger stuff in liquor stores, but “liquor by the drink” is restricted by local option. Culturally though, most protestant Christian folks (particularly in small towns) don’t drink (or at least don’t drink in public… there’s an old joke here that Baptists never recognize each other in the liquor store), but in Austin, TX and points southward it is not such a big deal and many Protestants do drink.