NewsOK: Adults air dirty laundry online (login with

. . . These are among the hundreds of secrets being confessed on an adults-only Web site recently launched by Edmond-based Life Church.

The site — — began simply as an online component of a message series started earlier this month by senior pastor Craig Groeschel.

However, church officials said it has quickly taken on a life of its own.Church members spread the word about the site through posters, yard signs, e-mail, Web logs and cards. More than 650 anonymous confessions and 50,000 hits later the site has apparently become a starting point for individuals looking to come clean about hidden sin and hurtful situations long buried away. . .

I’ve seen the signs around town at intersections so this is a pretty big deal. As for the concept itself, my first reaction to it was somewhat positive. Confessing one’s sins online seems a bit strange to me (and even stranger the fact that these confessions are published online for the public to see), but confession is good for the soul and maybe this is a good first step for folks.

But on further thought, I’m really troubled by the nature of this website. What strikes me is that the categories of secret sins all have to do with a few familiar moral categories – sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, adictive behavior, and stealing. However, what is notably absent from the list are some really big things — materialism, selfishness (not counting the specific manifestation of theft), racial or gender prejudice and hatred, acts of violence, verbal abuse, disrespectful language, failing to forgive, etc. In fact, it is almost as if the folks behind have omitted a good chunk of the Sermon on the Mount in deciding their categories of sin. — Oh and don’t even start on the sins of omission, of the times when we know the good we ought to do and do not do it.

For instance, where would I confess the sin that I drive too much and eat too much, when so many are suffering from having not enough? Where do I confess the sin that I don’t give enough of my money to the poor? Where do I confess the fact that sometimes I struggle with racial prejudice (even if it is in the dark recesses of your soul)? Where do I confess the sin that I pay taxes to a government that is using my dollars to kill people in Iraq and in our prison system? These are real sins, but there is no room to confess them at

Anyway I know I sound overly critical of (and its creator Life — btw, I didn’t make that up. Their web address is also their church name, no fooling.), but I feel like this website is emblematic of the shallowness of American Christianity and its blanket endorsement of materialistic shallow lives as long as one doesn’t do anything “bad” in the eyes of the church when it comes to sex, drugs, etc.