National Lawyers Guild Condemns Starbucks Over Unlawful Termination of Union Co-Founder Daniel Gross — NLG Supports Boycott of Starbucks Until All Fired Union Members Are Reinstated STARBUCKS INFAMY: IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Terminated for Union Activity! (on a sidenote, Starbucks Union is a part of the IWW

If you want to support the Starbucks workers who have been fired for exercising their rights, here are a few things you can do to help…

1. Print up some copies of the “Solidarity with Fired Baristas” leaflet and hand them out at Starbucks to their employees.

2. Boycott Starbucks! (and let the manager of your local store know why you are boycotting them).

3. Join the Wobblies! – If you want to be part of a real union that is really to challenge the ruling boss class, then go to