Pension Law includes important protections for same-sex couples under federal law— Human Rights Campaign Helps Secure Key Provisions to Assist GLBT and Other Americans

WASHINGTON — The Federal Pension Protection Act passed by Congress and signed into law today by President George W. Bush contains two key provisions that will extend important financial protections to same-sex couples and other Americans who leave their retirement savings to non-spouse beneficiaries. The bipartisan provisions in the bill are a step forward in equality and stem from a continuous effort led by the Human Rights Campaign.

“There is a large group of Americans that are left behind in traditional pension benefit models. We need to do better to keep these groups from falling through the cracks,” said Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore. “I am pleased that the pension reform legislation takes an important step to fill this gap by equalizing treatment in retirement savings vehicles for non-spouse beneficiaries.” . . .

(on side note, isn’t it beautiful that a Republican spoke out so strongly in favor of this law! Truly, wonders never cease!) Fact sheet on the Pension Protection Act