This is an update to an earlier post.

Well I had my first day of classes at TCC yesterday. Of course, class days is a kinda a fluid concept when you are taking distance learning classes, because what we do is basically do our reading and then post responses to discussion questions on the discussion boards of the class website (there is a total of 150 points available for the discussion board participation, and then 100 points for each of 3 tests, with a total of 450 points being possible).

So far it is fun, but a bit frustrating too as most of my classmates haven’t posted anything yet (my OT class I think has 18 students, and my eastern religions class has 30 some students, but so far both classes have only had myself and one other student posting so far).

As for the discussion questions, here are the ones we’re talking about right now…

For the OT Class – “Given that there are different lists of Biblical books (canons), do you have any ideas on how to chose which list to accept?”

For the Eastern Religions Class – “Discuss the concept of Karma. Do you think this concept adequately deals with the fact that the World seems unjust?”

For the first question, my response (paraphrased here) is that one can accept biblical books for different purposes: communal, personal and scholastic; and that each of these purposes may yield a different response.

For the second question, my response (again paraphrased), is that karma seems to be a good descriptive concept (i.e. describing how the world works) but is not a good prescriptive concept, at least when it refers to what happens to the do-ers of deeds (since bad stuff happens to good folks and vice-versa).