This is kinda a last minute deal, but I’m departing this evening to spend a few days in Crawford, Texas. I’ll be down there on behalf of the Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild to provide some military counseling (and referals to legal counsel) for soldiers who are visiting Camp Casey and need assistance with discharge issues.

Here’s some information on all that is going on in Crawford this month…

Crawford Peace Houes

Gold Star Families for Peace — Camp Casey August 6th-Sept 2nd 2006

I should also add that my presence and participation in the work in Crawford doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with everyone else who is also doing work down there. Mass protest actions always wig me out a little bit because there are so many different approaches to the problem of war (I’m more on the spiritual/pacifistic side of things), but overall I’ve heard so many good things about the work down there that I’m really looking forward to getting to be a part of it.