I’ve stopped at a Schlotzky’s in Hillsboro, TX for a quick bite to eat and to check email while returning from Crawford. I’ll post more later about the experience (as well some pictures), but I must say my experience was a very mixed bag. On the positive, I met some wonderful folks, got to participate in an action outside Ft. Hood, and enjoyed camping under oodles of stars under a gorgeous dark Texas sky.

On the negative, I saw some way creepy power dynamics at play and way too much anger and hatred (from not all, but definitely from many) that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway I’ll say more later as I have to process it, but definitely I will say that it was an interesting and enlightening experience.

Oh one more positive thing, I did get to have dinner with my bro Daniel and his wife Summer while in Texas. We met at the Chuy’s up in Round Rock (sorta between them in South Austin and Killeen where I was at that day). The food was great (and of course I had to have a margarita… since it was at a Chuy’s that one of the Bush twins was first busted for drinking a margarita underage), but I learned that the “Elvis Presley Memorial Dinner” is absurdly too big and really should be only ordered to be shared by 2-3 folks.