God and Guitars — Christian rock might not have all the answers, but for one fan and one band, it’s the questions that matter. – by Joel Hartse (thanks to Rivers are Damp for leading me to KTB)

This article really took me back in time, to the mid-late 90’s when for a brief span of time Christian music was actually interesting, creative, and heartfelt (well at least at its best moments, but those best moments seem to happen pretty often for that short span of time).

But on the subject of Seven Day Jesus, I did have to hunt down this old article by my dear friend Kimberly from our old zine, Exitzine in which you see some glimpses of how Christian Rock was already beginning to be destroyed by “the industry” and where things were about to go:

Exitzine: Reflections from a bygone band…Brian McSweeney of Seven Day Jesus — by Kimberly Hall