MSNBC: Where you live can decide how long you live — Differences are so extreme it’s as if there are ‘eight Americas,’ report says

WASHINGTON – Asian-American women living in Bergen County, N.J., lead the nation in longevity, typically reaching their 91st birthdays. Worst off are American Indian men in swaths of South Dakota, who die around age 58 — three decades sooner.

Where you live, combined with race and income, plays a huge role in the nation’s health disparities, differences so stark that a report issued Monday contends it’s as if there are eight separate Americas instead of one.

Millions of the worst-off Americans have life expectancies typical of developing countries, concluded Dr. Christopher Murray of the Harvard School of Public Health…

MSNBC: Longevity ranked by state

What do we make of this? I’m not sure. Statistics say many things and say nothing, and this study is no exception.

One thing not discussed in the article is that the lowest ranking “state” was the District of Columbia, where its residents live to an average of 72 years (8 years less than they do in #1 Hawaii).

Also what is interesting (but not surprising) is that that Cuba’s life expectancy is higher than most the states of the USA, including that of Oklahoma. I guess that Universal Health care does pay some good dividends.