CNN: FDA — E. coli linked to Natural Selection Foods

MSNBC: Deadly E. coli outbreak traced to Calif. spinach — Consumers told to toss out bagged greens as illness spreads

This onfolding story I think has four lessons for us…

First we all need to learn a lot more where our food comes from, and seek to buy our food from sources that we can get to know (preferably locally).

Second, folks who want to enjoy spinach this fall and winter would be well served to plant some asap (spinach does great in Oklahoma in the fall and winter).

Third, don’t believe what this story says about the use of manure as a fertilizer. The problem wasn’t with manure, but rather with how it is used. Manure could be used safely if applied long before the growing season or it had been composted first.

Fourth, don’t trust the “Organic” label on food products. Unfortunately, corporate America has ruined to such an extent that means almost nothing.