The only privately owned 7-11 stores are located in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma metropolitan area. These 100 stores are owned by the Brown Family, and carry a slightly different product selection than other 7-11 stores in the world. They do not serve hotdogs, or nachos but have their own bakery called Seventh Heaven, and have fresh baked donut and cookie/pastry rack in each store, while many other regional 7-11s will carry Dunkin’ Donuts. Also, due to this agreement, they carry a similar product in lieu of the Slurpee, the Icy Drink. The one side effect to this being that national advertising campaigns and promotions (e.g. movie marketing tie-ins) cannot be used. This unique marketing agreement can be traced to a merger with the Oklahoma based U-Totem stores in the early 70’s.

Now I know why all of the other 7-Elevens suck so bad. I’ve been to 7-Elevens in Austin, TX, Berkeley,CA and Monterrey, Mexico, and thought they were not nearly as good (the big missing ingredient was not having fresh brewed iced tea), but now I know why.

Also I like Oklahoma 7-Elevens because unlike many convenience stores, they do not carry porn.