Norman Economic Development Commision: Population Projections by City by County — Oklahoma State Data Center – Oklahoma Department of Commerce

These projections are interesting, but I think probably a bit conservative. I think the bedroom communities around OKC & Tulsa (i.e. Newcastle, the town I grew up in) are unfortunately going to grow even faster than expected, while the rural counties of Western Oklahoma (with the exception of those counties with good sized cities and towns – i.e. Custer & Commanche) are probably going to decline faster than expected.

I hope I’m wrong on both counts, but that’s what I see happening.

As a whole though, I see Oklahoma’s growth patterns as being pretty troubling. The state-wide growth itself is pretty slow (actually probably slower than the national average), but the growth/losses are happening in the wrong places, with established small towns shrinking up, while suburban sprawl is getting even worse.