The craziness of my life continues…

* Just got back from a weekend trip to San Antonio with my friend Risa on behalf of OCCO. The conference was held at San Antonio Mennonite Church and was put together by Mennonite Central Committee, and focused on conscientious objection and military counter-recruitment.

The conference itself was incredible (I’ll say much more later) but my favorite part of the trip was San Antonio. I forgot how cool that town is, but I really like it. The church and the guy we stayed with were both in Southtown (a neighborhood just S. of downtown) and it was a little bit gritty but also way funky.

On the negatives were the long, long drive (bleh!), some of the religious vibe of the conference (I am beginning to wonder if I fit in anywhere theologically, I’m not opposed to religion at all, but I do have a hard time hanging with the more evangelical mode these days, even when it is a socially conscicious evangelicalism), and the San Antonio cops (I’ll post pictures later, but I was there when the SA cops shut down a fantastic brass jazz band from New Orleans who was playing on the streets. Why they did this, I don’t know, but saying that “well it’s against the law to play on the streets and accept money” is as stupid as it gets. Some laws need to be broken, and laws that forbid music should be flaunted with impunity.)

But all that said, it was a good trip and I am very encouraged to see so many Mennonites begin to reconnect with their non-violent faith tradition.

* Tuesday will be a big day with the campaign coming to an end. Lots of info on that can be found on my campaign website, but the biggie is the party. I really hope we get a good crowd for it, because I think it will be a blast.

* Then on Thursday, I’ll be flying out for yet another conference (I sure hope it is the last one for awhile) to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia for a conference for death penalty abolition activists that is sponsored by Equal Justice USA.