I was just browsing over at the old website of the Pedicab company I used to ride for (Brickshaw Buggies, and have come across a statement that is flat-out not true…

We are Brickshaw Buggy LLC, the only operating pedicab company in Oklahoma City. Thank you Oklahoma City and thank you to our drivers!

This is simply NOT TRUE. There have been two other pedicab companies operating in Bricktown. I don’t know about one of the companies (they have the black cabs), but the other one, Bricktown Pedicabs (you can spot us by our goregous dark purple cabs with the kick-a sound system) is very much in business, and in fact I’ll be out some this weekend driving one of their cabs.

I don’t know why Brickshaw is saying this kind of crap. I have been friends with the folks at Brickshaw (even after I quit riding for them), but I really don’t get their needessly adversarial attitude towards other pedicab companies and I certainly don’t get them just straight up lying to gain some kind of competive advantage.

So anyway, let me say it as it is. Brickshaw is one of the pedicab companies in OKC but it is far from the only one.