There has been very little coverage on this in the American press, but the recent developments in Fiji have been quite disturbing. There has been a military coup in which the democratically elected Prime Minister was removed from office by the military, while at the same time the police and the tribal chiefs are refusing to support the new government. Also the military-led government is not permitting Fijians to take money out of the country and there has been serious cases of censorship against the local press.

Here is some of the media coverage from this story. I definitely want to express my support for those Fijians who are acting to oppose the end of democracy in their country.

Yahoo News/Reuters: Deposed Fiji PM flown out of capital

BBC News: Fiji military coup is denounced Fiji Reserve Bank puts on squeeze Newly appointed prime minister calls Fiji coup ‘illegal’ — Democratic elections may be 2 years away Leader of Fiji coup pleads for sympathy

Adelaide Now: Fiji chiefs defiant as military tightens grip Statement by Acting Commissioner of Police Moses Driver

. . . Let me state here unequivocally and categorically, that those statements are lies and deliberately drafted to give the impression to the members of the public that the Fiji Police are working with the RFMF ˆ we are not.

What the Commander and his men have done today is treasonous. The regime that they have put in place is illegal. The Fiji Police will not now, or ever, have any part of it.

I am through this statement, directing all the officers of the Fiji Police to not follow any instructions issued by any person other than a sworn senior officer of the Fiji Police, who will in his capacity takes his authority from me as Acting Commissioner of Police at this time.

Any instructions issued by military personnel are to be disregarded. I remind every officer of the Fiji Police of his and her oath to uphold the law and to guard the Constitution of Fiji.

I also appeal to the men and women of the RFMF who have made the choice to take part in this illegal takeover of a democratically elected Government to make another choice and put down your weapons and return to your families.

I iterate once more, the warning issued earlier by Commissioner Andrew Hughes and myself, that following unlawful orders is not a defense. What is taking place at this present time is unlawful and you will be held accountable for your actions should you persist in continuing down this path.

The Fiji Police stand for democracy and the Constitution, now is not the time for confrontation but a time for reasonable men and women to gather into dialogue to resolve whatever differences there are.

I ask each and every citizen of this country to remain calm and pray for our beloved Fiji.

It is fascinating to me to see that the Fijian national website looks to be controlled right now by the Fijian police (which are loyal to the prior government). It definitely sounds like the folks who are keeping this website up are certainly brave to do so in light of this military coup.