De-motorize your soul

Here are some of the experiments that this website suggests for those who want to de-motorize their soul. . .

These spiritual exercises are designed to give your soul a break from motor mania and awaken the nascent spirit of the post-oil era.

* Take your soul off the road – go without motorized transportation for a day or more a week.
* Remain earthbound – no flying for a year.
* Take the hundred mile holiday – vacation no further than 100 miles from your home.
* Share a car among households.
* Bike as though you were riding the road to heaven – human energy is the alternative energy.
* Each time you walk out your front door pray: “Grant me the grace to go slow.”
* Ply your imagination. Come up with your own experiments.

I really like the spirit of what these folks are doing. A lot of their ideas are ones that would be hard for me to do right now, but some are very do-able and I think would make me a happier person (and hopefully a little closer to God’s will).

(Thanks to K for sending me the recommendation to check out Geez Magazine)