Update #2 – Sean Gleeson has addressed some of my concerns in the comments to this post in this blog. I still strongly disagree with him, but I do think I spoke too strongly to call him a bigot just because he doubted the stories of the alleged victims.

This is an update to an earlier JMBzine post

Sean.Gleeson.us: Fake hate crime epidemic in Oklahoma

It looks to me like Pontotoc County is gripped by an epidemic of crazy girls making up hate crimes. . .

All I can say is that this is jacked up b.s. This Sean Gleeson doesn’t know these women, doesn’t really know jack squat about what happened other than what the press has said (and yeah, we know the press is always right… uh no), but he is now accusing them of being “crazy” girls and if you read on his ignorant blog post he goes on to claim that these girls are guilty of being “cutters.”

I know that Sean doesn’t want people to rant about him being hateful or calling him names (according to what he said on the Ada Evening News forum), but when he attacks these women like this he has it coming.