MSNBC: Illegal immigrants evicted from open-air church — Wealthy homeowners in Southern California canyon fed up with squatters

. . . “My children are studying, and they need pencils. They don’t have enough money,” he said. Ramirez makes $6.75 an hour plucking tomatoes six days a week, and sends two-thirds of his wages to his family while he sleeps under a tarp tied to trees. It’s a slim return on the $2,000 he paid a smuggler to sneak him across the border last summer.

Other migrants live in ramshackle camps elsewhere in the country, but few live next to exquisite homes like those overlooking McGonigle Canyon. Just north of the canyon lies Rancho Santa Fe, where the median home price is $2.8 million. For San Diego County as a whole, the median home price this year is $575,000.

Homeowner Julie Adams, an outspoken critic of the squatters, said the huts pose fire and safety risks.

“It’s a transient camp in the middle of the community and that shouldn’t be allowed,” said Adams, whose husband and son stopped mountain biking on trails in the canyons because they felt unsafe.

Other homeowners are sympathetic.

“They get kicked out of one place and go to another,” said Barry Martin, 54, a retired airline pilot. “As long as people are willing to hire them, as long as there are jobs, they’ll be around.”

The priest told his parishioners at the recent Mass that he would follow them.

“Even though you find yourselves strangers in another land, we pray that you will still feel welcome from some,” Fawcett said.

Shame on the rich who surround McGonigle Canyon and who are persecuting the migrants. I bet most of those rich folks are even in church on Sundays, feeling pious and holy in their places of prividge. Shame, Shame on them. Kicking around the poor migrant (the “stranger in the land”) is about as low as it gets.

I’m glad to see the Catholic church though is sticking with the oppressed in this situation. They do provide one little bit hope and love in this situation.