I just wanted to say a quick Happy Holidays to all of my friends and regular readers!

I’ve had a good last few days with lots of time with my family (one of the best Christmases that I can recall in some time) and am looking forward to a few days of almost work-free vacation (I have a few clients that I need to work with, but I can do that from home).

My favorite times of the Advent season was going to some of the Advent services at a friend’s presbyterian church (I so love the beauty of their worship), getting to preach on Christmas eve morning at my church (with my parents and my two youngest brothers visiting), seeing the excitement of my youngest brothers when they opened their presents on Christmas, singing Christmas carols with my Mom, and getting to spend some good time with my other two brothers who are closer to me in age (I’m 30 and have brothers who are 27, 23, 7 and 7).

My vacation plans are still a bit up in the air. I was hoping to visit the Red Plains Monastery out in Piedmont with a friend, but it looks like their retreat house is closed until New Year’s so I guess that is out of the plans. I think I am probably going to head to the farm (my grandparent’s old farm which my Mom inherited) sometime this week, and I’m thinking some of maybe going camping too, either to the Wichita Mountains or I might head to Southeastern Oklahoma. Mostly though I want lots of time to read, to paint, and to just think and be.

And of course I have some chores to do too. I’m planning on finishing my house cleaning/organizing (something I’ve been working on for the last few weeks), and I probably will be painting one of the rooms at the Farm.

I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging much over the next week or so. There’s so much going on in the world, so much to be sad about, that I kinda think I need to take a little time to recharge my batteries and reflect on the big picture. I so badly need to have faith that the world can be different and that God is at work to make it so, but it is so easy to forget that in the midst of all of the suffering and sadness of everyday existence.