I came across several interesting articles on the subject of human sexuality on MSNBC today…

MSNBC: One preacher’s message: Have hotter sex — Minister Joe Beam says good Christian marriages walk on the wild side — I actually have heard Joe Beam speak back in the mid-90’s, when he spoke at a Gospel Meeting in Weatheford, OK (back when I was still part of the Churches of Christ). I don’t recall him talking about sex in his sermons then, but he did talk about an equally controversial thing in the COC (the role of the Holy Spirit today).

Overall though I think it is refreshing to hear Christians speak of human sexuality in a positive way. I myself don’t see eye to eye with Joe (or other COC folks) on how they read the Bible, but I do think there are plenty of scriptures to back a pro-sex viewpoint even if you take a more literal read of things.

MSNBC: Even Grandma had premarital sex, survey finds — Americans weren’t any more chaste in the past, researchers report — This doesn’t really surprise me really. The only big difference was that 50 years ago there was more preasure to get hitched after you got pregnant.

MSNBC: Cartoon penises have their say on syphilis — Ad campaign proves effective in encouraging testing among men