CNN: Hussein executed with ‘fear in his face’

AP/Hindu Times: Execution tragic, says Vatican

VATICAN CITY: The Vatican on Saturday termed the execution of the former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, “tragic.” It risked fueling revenge and new violence in Iraq.

“An execution is always tragic news, reason for sadness, even in the case of a person who is guilty of grave crimes,” the Holy See’s spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi, said in a statement released by the Vatican press office.

Earlier in the morning, Rev. Lombardi made similar comments on Vatican Radio.

“The position of the Catholic Church — against the death penalty — has been reiterated many times,” he said in the statement, referring to the Vatican’s overall opposition to capital punishment.

I agree with the Catholic Church on this. Saddam undoubtedly did some evil things, but his execution was still tragic and unnecessary. I also think that his execution highlights the complete failure of the puppet government in Iraq to at all be just or fair, and certainly sends a clear message that the new Iraq government is increasingly moving into to the barbaric practices of the few regimes left on earth that still kill criminals as punishment.

On a slightly different note, here is an article that discusses the death penalty from a very different perspective.

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