MSNBC: Bush set to announce 20K troop surge in Iraq — Announcement expected next week in effort to reduce sectarianism

I know it will be tough to do, but the new Democratic-led Congress has to act to stop this madness. One way that it could be done is to simply pass a law that denies the President the finances to deploy more than X number of troops in Iraq. (this would stop new troops from being sent, but wouldn’t bring those already deployed back home which would be difficult to do by any means short of impeachment) I doubt the Democrats will have the guts to do it, but they should.

In fact here’s my early prediction. The Republicans for many years have used abortion as a wedge issue to bring out conservative voters. They talk a big talk but actually do very little to end abortion. In fact one could argue that Republicans have far more to gain by keeping abortions legal, because it continues to provide them with their wedge issue to drive out voters.

In the same way, I think Democrats in the next few years will use the Iraq war as its wedge issue. They’ll squak about it and complain but won’t actually take any courageous act to stop the war, because they are too chicken and because they are better off with having an on-going unpopular war being defended by the Republicans.

Time will tell, but that’s my prediction.