I did watch last night’s State of the Union with some friends and some beer (that seriously is the only way I could stomach it). Overall I think it was pretty sad. We are in such a bad place. I only hope Congress acts, and acts decisively to end the war in Iraq as soon as possible.

As for the domestic and non-war foreign agenda, it was mostly absurd double-talk. His energy policies are too little, way too late (20% reduction in gas consumption in 10 years is not near enough… that should be the goal for the next two years), his AIDS policies are hard to take seriously (since he didn’t deliver on his past State of the Union promises), and his immigration polices are unintelligible (his remark about treating undocumented aliens without animosity and without amnesty doesn’t make sense to me).

The Democratic response on the other hand was pretty decent. US Senator Jim Webb did a job of presenting a strong criticism of the Iraq war from the perspective of a non-pacifistic persuasion. I obviously don’t agree with him some of his presumptions about how things work, but probably his views represent more of the majority of anti-Iraq war Americans today.