Update as Jan. 30, 2007: Good news! The Pahrump, NV Town board is in the process of repealing the ordinance that is discussed in this post. Please read the comments to this post for more details.

CNN: Root for Tijuana to curb immigration — Commentary by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

CNN: Town makes it illegal to fly a foreign flag — Commentary by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Reading the commentary about the ignorant (and straight up unconstitional) ban on the flying of foreign flags makes me want to go Pahump, Nevada right now and wave a foreign flag on the city hall lawn. But since it’s a pretty long drive I figured the next best thing is to email the town council and tell them how foolish, ignorant and fascist their town’s decision makers are. (it makes you wonder why the Pahump Chamber of Commerce even bothers to have a website to promote their community, when anyone who believes in tolerance and freedom would be disturbed to find out what this town’s government stands for)

Oh and here’s a link to the text of the racist law that not only banned the flying of foreign flags, but also made English the official language (which is laughable, since English is not the first or even the second language spoken in the American Southwest).